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Is something holding you back from finding or pursuing your retirement projects?

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Coaching Call

You don't have to have it all figured out to start something exciting! Individual coaching can help you gain clarity, motivation and drive.

In this coaching call, we'll help you get going

The usual areas we help people address during coaching in their 3rd phase of life:

  1. To map their current life and identify the top priorities and objectives that give them meaning and motivation to take action (objectives are typically around finding meaningful projects or implementing them, implementing healthy life routines, personal development, or relationships).
  2. To structure their way forward and identify the first simple steps.
  3. To tap into the power of their own values to stay motivated over the long run.
  4. To explore their emotions, fears, or doubts so that they find greater inner peace.
  5. To create their own productivity system that fits their lifestyle and goals.
  6. To develop new positive habits - mental, emotional, and physical.
  7. To simply relax into the journey of being in the 3rd phase of life.